Blanca Arriaza

Creative Director

Blanca Arriaza was classically trained in fine arts in her native Nicaragua and has had successful one-woman shows exhibiting her work worldwide. Her success in the fine arts and her strong communication skills brought her to the USA where she became an art director for a leading corporate premium print house, MAC Specialties. There she became proficient in all of the major design programs and pre-press print specifications. She also dealt with some of the largest companies in the world advancing their design needs.

Having a keen sense of color and design, Blanca has also worked in the multi-billion dollar cosmetics industry as a color matcher and lab technician for some of the top manufacturers in the industry. The combination of her art skills and complete understanding of cosmetics and the mechanics of makeup application made her an ideal master face and body artist. Blanca has entertained tens of thousands of people with her artistry and has put together a team of equally talented artists who continue to carry the torch...or more specifically… 'the brush'!

And Blanca is fluent in Spanish too!