Aron Laikin

Chief Creative Director

Aron was educated at the School of Visual Arts, NYU Film School, New School, The Art Student’s League, CalArts and many other private institutions. He studied many diverse aspects of the arts from fine art, illustration, filmmaking to cartooning and animation.

Aron Laikin was literally born into the business of advertising and publishing… his father, Paul Laikin, being one of the original writers for MAD Magazine and author of several best-selling humor books. Paul Laikin was also a top writer for Merv Griffin Productions for several years during which time he created ideas for several TV game shows. His reach expanded into Hollywood where he wrote for feature films and record albums Among Laikin’s other credits are the creations of such pop culture icons as Topp’s “Wacky Packages” (stickers spoofing popular consumer products) and the “JFK Coloring Book” which was on the NY Times best-seller list for 16 weeks. From an early age, Aron has worked alongside the top talents in the field, artists such as Mort Drucker, Jack Davis, Al Jaffee and others.

In his formative years as a freelance artist, Aron has provided illustrations and marketing designs for some of the largest ad agencies in the world. Aron quickly became known for his satirical drawings for Walt Disney, Warner Brothers, Marvel Comics, Topp’s Garbage Pal Kids, Cracked Magazine (as Art Director and cover artist) and many other publications as well as his own books. Likewise, as a leading animator, his work has appeared on national television and countless ads. Then in 1996, Aron combined all of his experience and talent in the entertainment, marketing and publishing worlds to form The Creativity Zone (a full-service multi-media design studio), Aron Laikin brings 25-plus years of award-winning creative solutions to some of the world’s best known companies including Walt Disney, Warner Bros., Marvel Comics, Burger King, Nation’s Bank, Snapple, Late Night with David Letterman, CBS, WABC, Wide World of Sports, Tower Records, King Features, Atlantic Records and Toys “r” Us. Aron has also been a pioneer and innovator in the world’s of interactive voice recognition and augmented reality. Aron now manages a worldwide team of creative artists, writers, engineers and TV production crews.