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Aron was literally born into the business of cartooning and satire… his father, Paul Laikin, being one of the original writers for MAD Magazine and author of several best-selling humor books. From an early age, he has worked along side the top talents in the field, artists such as Mort Drucker, Jack Davis, Al Jaffee and others.

As the Art Director for Cracked Magazine, Aron’s art and business experience has led him to successfully produce several advertising campaigns which he continues to provide for large and small clients alike.

Aron Laikin was formerly President of Liquid Logic, an integrated incubator company providing services for new and growing Internet businesses--as well as being a web consulting alliance providing the electronic enterprise strategy for existing companies on-line. Laikin has a multitude of technical wizardry partners who work with him on innovative, cutting edge advancements on and off the world wide web. He also created the successful concept behind, the largest collectible site on the web.

Laikin is also the former President of FilmArt Productions, Inc., a film, graphics and media company specializing in the entertainment fields. He is also founder of The American Foundation for the Visual Arts, which focuses on educating and enlightening the public to the visual arts through broad-based museum shows, seminars, festivals, etc. Laikin has marketed and distributed all types of collectibles for over 15 years through his galleries, Cartoon World, which specializes in original animation art and cartoon collectibles. Also a talented artist in his own right, Laikin is widely known for his satirical drawings for Walt Disney, Warner Brothers, Marvel Comics, Cracked Magazine and many other publications as well as his own books. Likewise, as a leading animator, his work has appeared on national television and countless ads.

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